Topology of the Impossible
Selected Work of M Kitchell

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Obliteration Pyramid: Trilogy of Non-Knowledge, Forthcoming 2024
Void of Unknowable Night, Forthcoming 2024
Sacrificial Object, 2023
Enigma Strategy, with the Institute for Erotic Vertigo, 2022
Threshold Meditation, 2021
Prelude to Transgression, 2020
Ecorche, 2019
Experimental Men, 2019
In the Desert of Mute Squares, 2018
Hour of the Wolf, 2016
Apart From, 2014
Variations on the Sun, 2012
System of Interrelated Styles, 2008

Aphonic Space Archive
Solar Luxuriance Archive
Lies/Isle Archive

M Kitchell is an acrobat who lives in Oakland. He is primarily concerned with the impossible (or, perhaps, the outside)& levitation (or, perhaps, the float). An expanded list of his interests include landscape as limit-experience, hunting the void, ecstatic & trance states, placing the body beyond its edge, Georges Bataille's list of apparently sovereign behaviors, Jerzy Grotowski's idea of training to immediately access one's own psychic impulses, the space of the book, & film as an autonomous medium. You can listen to him talk about his praxis in this interview.

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